Rambling Along (original site post #1)

posted Jan 25, 2011, 2:26 PM by Randy Hammill
NOTE: As of this posting, I'm looking at moving my site to the Google Sites service. Although not as sophisticated as Drupal, the content managing system I was using before, hosting via Google Sites is free. My old site also needed to be upgraded to a newer version of Drupal which was going to be a significant project and I'd rather spend the time modeling. However, to maintain the continuity, I'm copying the earlier blog to the new site.
This blog will be where I can just ramble about my thoughts about model railroading. This is frequently for my own benefit, so I can go back and look at ideas I've had, things I've found elsewhere, etc. I have no idea whether anybody else will care about what I think.
But, initially, this will be where others can let me know what they think with their comments. I'm still undecided about creating a forum on the site. I visit three pretty regularly: Joe Fugate's (http://siskiyou-railfan.net), the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association (http://nhrhta.org), and less frequently, Model Railroader (http://www.modelrailroader.com). I'm also a member of several Yahoo forums. These are all well established forums, and I don't think I really need to duplicate them. So I'll wait to see what others think.