One of the main reasons I started this site was because I was compiling information and reference materials for my layout. Initially it was in the form of a document, printed and stored in a 3-ring binder. Naturally, the biggest challenge was keeping it up to date.
In addition to that, I had a great many internet bookmarks, post-it flags in magazines and books, and lots of little scraps and notes in just about anything that was handy at the time.
It didn't take long to see that keeping all of this information in one place electronically would be easier in the long run. I also wanted to be able to access it anyplace. Along with these goals, I also found that I was digging through all sorts of resources to find the answers to questions that had already been asked, many times before. So I figured if I was looking for the information, somebody else might need it too.
So the site as a whole is to make it easy for me to find what I've learned. And believe me, now that I've been rebuilding the site I've found that there are a whole lot of things I didn't know I knew!
I have a number of other ideas and larger projects I'd love to see completed for the modeling community. The Published Photos and Models is one of those projects. But because I've got so many other things to complete, like the layout, they will just have to take a back burner.
In the meantime, I'll continue to use this site, and this section in particular, to make what I know readily available.
As always, contact me with any corrections, comments, etc.

Published Photos and Models

This is a project that I've been working on for some time. The biggest issue I've had getting back into the hobby is identifying what models are accurate. So I started compiling lists. The question has always been, how do I make this available on the internet for easy access for me and others?
Gene Green just provided a spreadsheet that indexes all of the photos from the Hawkins/Wider published Railway Prototype Cyclopedias. A shared spreadsheet is simple, so that seems like a good place to start. So I've started recompiling the list of photos and matching models that I've started in several formats.
My books are filled with post it notes, I've updated a couple of pages on the old site with information, and I've got several spreadsheets of my own that I started to put together. So to simplify, and also because I'm sure others are doing the same thing, I decided to post it now (with Gene's permission for his work). I'm hoping we can reduce the number of duplicate efforts and compile a comprehensive list for all prototype modelers.
I have not started adding models to the RP CYC section of the list yet. I've completed entering in Focus on Freight Cars Volume 1 and will be starting on The Postwar Freight Car Fleet. I'll note what books have been entered below.
I can grant edit access to anybody who would like to assist in compiling the list. I'm working on the Postwar Freight Car Fleet book now. I would recommend we start with non-road specific books first.
You can access this work in progress here.
You can view it online. However, to sort it you'll need to download it.
  • Once it's open, go to File > Download As > Excel
  • If you're using a different spreadsheet program then you can use the CSV format instead.
If you're interesting in helping with this project, please contact me.
Completed Books:
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol 1-11,13-21 (except model information)
Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol 12 (including model information)
Focus on Freight Cars Volume 1
In Progress Books:
The Postwar Freight Car Fleet