DEY-5 #0606 eastbound on the Highland 1947.
Kent Cochrane, Thomas J McNamara Collection.
In August 1931 the New Haven tested Alco 'Oil-Electric' engine #600 for 60-days. By December it was on the roster as #0900. In 1936-1937 they also purchased 10 GE switchers, but things really got moving when they placed their next order with Alco in 1938 for 10 more High-Hood switchers. Ten years later the last of steam would run on the Highland Line, and within 14 years steam was officially off the roster altogether.

DEY-1b - Alco HH660

The DEY-1b class was the final iteration that began with the 1931 built #0900. The HH660 designation was retroactively applied, when delivered between 1939 and 1940 they were known simply as 660hp switchers.

Paint Schemes
By my era these locomotives had one of two paint schemes.
Delivery Scheme: Pullman Green with Dulux Gold lettering. Black frame.

Late '40s Scheme: Hunter Green cab, with Warm Orange on the back of the cab and over the front 80% of the hood, curved fillet where it meets the Hunter Green. Black frame.

DEY-3 - Alco S-1

By far the largest class of diesel-electric switchers on the New Haven, the S-1 was used both in the yards and on local freights. The cab was slightly shorter and 'flatter' than the Alco standard for clearance in the electric zone.
Paint Schemes
Delivery Scheme 0931-0970: Pullman Green with Dulux Gold lettering. Black underframe. These locomotives had radiator louvers that were flush with the car side.
Delivery Scheme 0971-0995: Hunter Green Cab with Warm Orange on the back of the cab and the entire hood except a small Hunter Green fillet on bottom of hood at the cab. Black underframe. Warm Orange script herald on cab. The radiator louvers protruded out from the hood sides slightly on these locomotives.

DEY-4: GE 44-ton

Although originally marketed as Alco-GE locomotives, they were built by GE and later ads designated them as such. Until the DERS-3 this is the only non-Alco Diesel electric on the layout.
Delivery of the 44-tonner began with 7 Phase Ic locomotives in 1941. These are easily identifiable due the the radiator louvres being on the side of the hood instead of the end, and 3 small vent doors at the top of each side door. The first one had a single ladder on each side (phase Ib). This was eventually removed and two end ladders were installed on each side effectively making it a phase Ic.

The next 10 locomotives were Phase III 44-tonners with the louvres on the ends of the hoods and short hood hatch covers.
The final two locomotives were Phase IVa with minor differences from the prior phase, including no short hood hatch covers, and slightly larger intake vents on the side of the hoods.
Paint Schemes
Delivery Scheme #0800-0816: Pullman Green with Dulux Gold lettering.
Delivery Scheme #0817, 0818: Hunter Green cab with Warm Orange hood and black frame. Warm Orange script herald on the cab. Some of the earlier DEY-4s were repainted in this scheme.

DEY-5 - Alco S-2

A turbo-charged version of the S-1, they were also used in both yard duty and on local freights. Like the DEY-3s, the cab was slightly shorter and 'flatter' than the Alco standard for clearance in the electric zone.
At some point in 1944 (during the second and final New Haven deliveries) Alco changed from horizontal side radiator louvers to vertical louvers as on their other switchers and road switchers. New Haven locomotives #0600-0608 had horizontal side radiator louvers.
Paint Schemes
Delivery: The then-standard switcher scheme of Pullman Green with Dulux Gold lettering and black frame.
Late '40s Scheme: Hunter Green Cab with Warm Orange on the back of the cab and the entire hood except a small Hunter Green fillet on bottom of hood at the cab. Black underframe. Warm Orange script herald on cab.


DEY-4: GE 44-ton

"GE 44-Tonner Study" - Dan Dover & Allen Copeland, Extra 2200 South #51, pg 16; #52 pg 14.

Layout at a Glance

New Britain is an interesting city to model because there are two locally assigned switchers. Since the entire city is within yard limits, these two engines handle the majority of the local switching.
Other DEY class locomotives were assigned on local Highland freights on the until the delivery of enough road switchers.
One of the quirks modeling the early New Haven switchers is, with the exception of the DEY-4, all of these locomotives had compressed air whistles instead horns.

DEY-1b Assignments

I have no evidence that a DEY-1b locomotive was assigned to any trains on the Highland. However, several were assigned to Waterbury and Hartford during this era so it's plausible that one might be assigned to a work train or a local freight if needed. Pictures exist of them on local freights elsewhere on the New Haven.

DEY-1b Models

  • 0926
Although available in brass, an early Walthers metal kit, and a JJL Models resin shell, the Atlas release in 2009 was the first release from a major manufacturer. It's a beautiful model and has been released in a couple of New Haven schemes.
I have the version released by NHRHTA in my favorite, the late '40s scheme. With such a fantastic model, with DCC and sound installed, I had to have one even if it only makes an occasional visit to the layout. I suppose that at some point in the future if a sound equipped version in the delivery scheme is available that I might pick up another one.

DEY-3 Assignments

10/2/50 - 0955 - HDX-5
DEY-3 locomotives replaced the J-1 steam locomotives on the Holyoke freights (NY/YN) before being replaced themselves with the delivery of enough DERS-2b engines. In Shoreliner Volume 29 Issue 2 is a picture of 0604 on one of these freights in January, 1948.

DEY-3 Models

  • 0955
I have the Proto 2000 model. Although availalble lettered for the New Haven, they are in a later paint scheme. 

The P2k model was released in two slightly different body styles. Unfortunately, it appears the one with the flush side louvers has the round fan housing. At some point I may see how easy it would be to replace it with a square fan housing (particularly if I can get the grill part from Walthers). In the meantime, I'll have to live with the slight departure from the prototype.

There have been quite a few brass models available over the years. While some of them are very well done, none have the low clearance NH cab. Key Imports has announced a new S-1 model. I am unaware at this time if it will have the correct cab.
There has been some discussion of a custom resin cab being produced for the P2k S-1 and Atlas S-2 models. I will be using these if/when they are available.

DEY-4 Assignments

  • 4/20/48 - 0802, 0812 - New Britain Yard
  • 4/24/49 - 0802, 0805 - New Britain Yard
  • 10/2/50 - 0805, 0806 - New Britain Yard
  • 4/27/52 - 0804, 0810 - New Britain Yard 

DEY-4 Models

  • 0802
  • 0812
Bachmann has released a phase IV(a) locomotive in the McGinnis scheme. This is a match for only the last two New Haven DEY-4 locomotives, #0817 and #0818.
W&R Enterprises imported brass models of the major phases in the '80's, including Ib, Ic, III, and IVa.  
I have one of the W&R phase Ic models to letter in the delivery scheme as #0802, and will pick up a second model when I can, probably as #0805.
I am in the process of replacing the stock mechanism with the Bachmann mechanism. The original was causing too many problems shorting, and the Bachmann mechanism adds some weight as well.
I'm using a Bachmann model to create a phase III version to letter as #0812 in the second paint scheme. The Bachmann models are much easier to paint in the later schemes since the cab is removable. Modifications include:
  • Filed down the raised hatches on the hood
  • Added hatch covers
  • Filled in part of the side intakes
  • Added a horn
  • Added wire door handles
  • Replaced uncoupling lever supports with wire ones
  • Thinned the footboord castings
  • Added exhaust stack covers
I may eventually also letter one of the Bachmann models in the second scheme as the phase IVa 0817 or 0818.
ESU/Loksound is the only company which I'm aware that has the proper sound recording, and I'm using their decoder for the 44-tonners.

DEY-5 Assignments

  •  4/24/1948 - 0605 - NY-2, YN-3

DEY-5 Models

  • 0604
  • 0615
I have the model Atlas produced for NHRHTA in the delivery scheme and numbered #0615. I installed the MRC 'drop-in' sound decoder for this model. It's decent enough for what it is.
#0604 will be the retooled Atlas model.
Like the DEY-3 models, none of the models released in brass or plastic have had the correct New Haven cab profile.
For the time being, I have one of the Atlas models (factory lettered as 0615) with the MRC drop-in sound decoder. It functions well, although the sound isn't all that prototypical.
If/when a correct cab is available, I will probably try to kitbash 0604 using the long hood from an Atlas RS-1 model. The horizontal louvers will be a challenge though.
Key Imports has announced a new S-2. I am not aware if they will have the correct New Haven cab profile, or available with horizontal side louvers.