K-1-d #359 westbound at New Britain Yard June, 1940.
The K-1-b/d class moguls were once the largest class of steam on the New Haven Railroad accounting for 195 of the 240 K-class locomotives.
By 1946 there were 19 K-1-b (not including the two oil burners) and 22 K-1-d locomotives remaining. By this time their regular assignments were local freights and work trains.
The difference between the two classes is easy to identify, the K-1-d was simply a superheated version of the K-1-b. They received new cylinder castings that replaced the square steam chest.

Layout at a Glance

Although I don't have engine assignments for 1946-7 yet, I have several photos of K-1-d #479 on the New Hartford local in 1947 and 1948, as well as a record indicating it was on HDX-5 on April 20, 1948. It was still assigned to this train in the September 26, 1948 Engine Assignments. It was condemned on January 7, 1949.

K-Class Assignments

  • c1946-8 - #479- HDX-5

K-Class Models

  • #479
New England Rail Service (NERS) imported a Samhongsa built model for both the K-1-b and K-1-d. It's a well detailed model, and shows up on eBay and at shows at an unusually wide range of prices.
I'm modeling #359 for HDX-5, but I also plan on modeling a K-1-b for work trains as well. I haven't identified a road number yet.