Brill gas-electric eastbound at Corbin Street, New Britain after 1931.
It's 9101 to 9111 due to location of bell.
Not 9105 due to location of markers.
Over the years several other types of motive power have been used for passenger service on the Highland Line, such as the Brill Gas Electric pictured above in the '30s. In addition to some Highland Line trains, I believe these were used for the New Britain/Berlin trains prior to the service being replaced by buses.


On May 2, 1935 the New Haven proudly displayed its new Goodyear-Zeppelin built 3-car streamlined light weight train the Comet. Designed for high-speed service between Boston and Providence where it served until 1943. In autumn of 1950, it was assigned to trains 128 and 129. I have not determined how long it was in this service although I believe it was at least until early 1951.
Paint Schemes
The Comet was repainted in 1941 in a blue and gray paint scheme which it carried until it was scrapped on September 29, 1951.

Shoreliners - Budd RDC-1/2/3/4


  • 20-48: 1952-1953
  • 120-121: 1952
  • 125-130: 1953
  • 135-137: 1953
Called Shoreliners on the New Haven, Budd RDCs were an immediate success for the railroad. They were used to increase passenger service, including on the Highland, and replaced locomotive-hauled passenger trains on branchlines as fast as diesels replaced steam a few short years before.
In addition to the RDC-1 cars, the Highland was also assigned RDC-2 and RDC-3 cars.
Paint Schemes
All RDCs are in the delivery scheme of simple stainless steel with a script herald on each end door.

Layout at a Glance

At this time I don't plan on modeling a Brill gas electric as they were all off the Highland Line by the end of WWII. In addition to the picture on this page, there is a picture of 9100 in New Britain on page 501 of New Haven Power in 1934.

If I eventually model one, it will be Inspection Car #9, former #9113, former O&W #802.

Comet Assignments

  • 9/24/50 - Comet - 128, 129
  • 10/2-50 - Comet - 128, 129
Trains 128 and 129 were created when the Comet was assigned to the Boston-Waterbury run on the Highland and are first listed in the 9/24/50 timetables. A photo in Shoreliner Volume 29 Issue 2 illustrates this service in September 1950. The 10/5/50 Engine Assignment book does not list any motive power for these trains so I'm assuming it's still the Comet at this time.

The Comet Model

Although it's been released in brass, I have the Con-Cor model. At one point they indicated plans for a second run in the later paint scheme. Unfortunately, that never occurred. However, I think the blue used on both the brass and the Con-Cor versions is too light. So I need to have some decals made so I can repaint mine. I also need to install DCC/sound. 

There was also a light directed skyward on the roof above the cabs that is missing on the model. I will look at options for installing that as well.

Shoreliner Assignments

  • 9/27/53 - RDC-1 - 131, 136, 150, 156, 157, 446, 447, 448, 460, 461, 463
  • 9/27/53 - RDC-2 - 150, 157
  • 9/27/53 - RDC-3 - 131, 136, 150, 157

Shoreliner Models

Models of Budd RDCs have been released by several manufacturers in the past, Life-Like released the RDC-1, 2, and 3 models in their Proto 1000 line (now Walthers).  Athearn released an RDC-4 years ago while they were still producing metal kits. Because their RDC model was shorter than prototypically correct, only the RDC-4 is accurate. Brass ones have also been available from several importers.

But the obvious models at this point are produced by Rapido. All 4 versions are (or will be) produced in the NH delivery scheme. These are accurate, exquisitely detailed, and come with ESU DCC sound installed.