Stanley S1 at its former home in East Windsor, CT at the CT Trolley Museum.
The Stanley Works rostered an H.K. Porter fireless 0-4-0 steam locomotive, the Stanley S1.
Dick Otto and I are currently researching this locomotive, as it still exists someplace in upper state NY. The information we've gathered so far is somewhat contradictory, but it appears he's finally located the current owner. We have enough photographs that once Dick has a few key measurements he should be able to draft up a plan.
Eventually I'll be scratchbuilding this one, which will be a challenge. Not so much making it as it's about as simple a steam locomotive as you can find - straight boiler, no firebox, etc. Even powering it looks reasonably straightfoward and we're investigating those options.
No, the big issue is whether a locomotive this small will actually be able to move any cars. It has to be able to do all of the switching within the Stanley Works.

Layout at a Glance

As of yet all I have is a mockup using a shortened P2K 8,000 gallon tank car tank with a 44-tonner cab hung on the back and Bachmann 44-tonner power truck. Based on some of our estimates this may be the right diameter for the boiler. The Bachmann wheels are 36", we believe the Stanley S1's drivers were somewhere between 26" and 33".
I don't think we're getting a sound decoder in this one...