T-2-b class #2435 in New Britain Yard pre-1944.

The T-class switchers were the first modern switchers for the New Haven with delivery starting in 1900. The first deliveries were compound engines, but the T-2-a class delivered in 1904 were simple engines. Apparently the maintenance for the compound engines wasn't worth the additional power gained.
The T-2-b class differed from the T-2-a class primarily in that the main rod was connected to the third set of drivers instead of the second.

T-2-b class #2446 westbound at Russell & Erwin September 7, 1946
Kent Cochrane. Thomas J. McNamara collection.

Layout at a Glance

I don't have engine assignment books prior to 1949 yet. But I believe the T-class switchers remained in service in New Britain through 1947.
The final two DEY-4's were delivered in 1947, and the DEY-4's replaced the T-2-b's in March of 1947.

Records from April 20, 1948 indicates DEY-4 #0802 and #0812 were assigned to New Britain Yard. Kent Cochrane took a photo of #2446 on the engine servicing tracks in August of 1948, waiting for its final disposition.

My assumption is that the last DEY-4's replaced two of the earlier ones elsewhere on the railroad which were then reassigned to New Britain.

For initial sessions in 1947, New Britain Yard will be serviced by T-2-b #2446 and DEY-4 #802, at least until I can acquire a second W&R 44 tonner.

T-Class Assignments

  • pre 1947 - 2446 - New Britain Yard

T-Class Models

  • 2446
Of the three photos I have of T-class locomotives in New Britain, two of the locomotives were retired prior to 1947. For now I plan to model  #2446 which was photographed working in New Britain in September 1946.
Overland imported a brass T-2-b a number of years ago and is featured in an article by John Pryke in the first issue of Speed Witch.
I'll be making several modifications to this model.
  • I need to modify the coal bunker.
  • The boiler, cylinders and pilot aren't level.
  • The generator(?) is in front of the steam dome, and on many T-2's it was behind it. It also has an airline that is attached to the handrail(!).
  • If I model #2446 the two single air pumps will be replaced by a cross compound air pump. This also involves moving some piping and modifying the running board.