Layout at a Glance

Like many other aspects of the layout, 1947/1948 signifies a shift in the roster. Prior to 1948 the roster is primarily NE and NE-4 class wood cabooses, with some NE-5 class cabooses. As they were delivered in 1948, the NE-6 class cabooses replaced the NE and NE-4 classes.
The earliest assignments I have are 1950. By that time there were no Maybrook-Hartford freights and ANE-1, EA-2 was discontinued. Photographic evidence shows that HDX-5 and NY-4, YN-3 still had an NE-class hack in 1947. The remainder are a guess.
In the later assignment books, the Holyoke and Maybrook freights have two hacks assigned to each train. I've also seen pictures of trains running with two cabooses. My assumption is that this occurs when the crew will outlaw during the course of the run. In which case, one of the cabooses must be deadheading. It may also be that the hacks and crews alternated days. Initially I am only modeling one for each run.

Initial (1947) Caboose Roster
NE-5 Class
  • C-512 - AO-5, OA-6 
NE-4 Class
  • C-346 - ANE-1, EA-2
  • C-? - NY-2, YN-1
NE Class
  • C-139 - NY-4, YN-3
  • C-213 - HDX-5