City Coal & Wood

141-149 Elm St

Listed as City Coal & Wood through 1947, then City Coal & Supply from 1948 until 1953. Starting c1954 it is listed as City Building Supply Co.

The large coal bin structure was present through the 1951 aerial photo and gone by the 1955 one. My guess is that it was torn down sometime 1953-4 when the company changed its name to City Building Supply Co. A post-November 1953 date means it would be in place for all of my ops sessions, greatly simplifying things.

Sanborn Map 1938 updated to 1950

1938 Yellow Pages Ad

1939 Yellow Pages Ad

1946 Yellow Pages Ad

1946 Yellow Pages Ad

Ad on cover of 1947 New Britain City Directory

1949 Yellow Pages Ad

1951 City Directory Ad

Note the "Established 1889," a year also identified in the 1938 and 1939 yellow pages ads above. This would indicate this is still the same company but with a new name.

1955 Yellow Pages Ad